Illegal Immigration and American Jobs

Blog Category: Immigration

By: *Melissa Chapaska

Many would not dispute the claim that illegal immigration is a problem for American workers because it limits the number of jobs available and lowers wages for citizen workers. But, as research suggests, the accusation that illegal immigration has a negative impact on American jobs may be unwarranted. While illegal immigration adversely affects some American workers by reducing wages and the availability of jobs, these short-term pitfalls are overshadowed by the seemingly positive long-term effect that illegal immigration has on the American job market. Illegal immigration has provided businesses with a cheap labor force, which has allowed many businesses to become profitable. Beyond the positive effect illegal immigration has on the economy, American workers also directly benefit as businesses are able to expand, creating higher-paying, skilled positions for American workers.

We are a nation of laws. As such, illegal immigration must be addressed. However, in addressing the problems associated with illegal immigration, we should also remain mindful of the benefits that illegal immigration continues to have on American businesses and the economy as a whole.


The opinions expressed herein are strictly those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Widener Journal of Law, Economics & Race.


*Melissa Chapaska is currently a staff member on the Widener Journal of Law, Economics and Race. To learn more about Melissa Chapaska, click here to visit her page: Melissa Chapaska

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