Immigration Equality

By Terry Davis

The Immigration executive orders that Donald Trump has attempted to follow through with further stoke the insecurity of immigrant communities.  The attempted bans on many countries goes against the entire definition of the American dream.  The current issues this blog seeks to address are the removable of non-criminal non-citizens and implementing a travel ban on seven Muslim countries.

Trump has vowed to remove the DACA program that many illegal minors relied on to remain in the United States.  In the past Presidents had primarily targeted noncitizens that had criminal records for removal from the United States.  Trump’s agenda seeks to remove as many noncitizens regardless of criminal record from the United States as possible.  This potentially creates fear in illegal immigrant communities domestic and abroad.  While we want immigrants to enter and remain in the country in a legal manner, we should also promote doing what is right on a human level.  Many illegal immigrants that are in the United States are either minors or were brought here as a minor with no say.  Removing them back to their native country may be forcing them to a location that is completely foreign to them.

The current travel ban initially created in January was amended in March removing Iraq from the countries prohibited from sending individuals to the United States.  These bans are nothing short of immigrant victimization aimed directly at Muslims even if the rationale is described with other intentions.  Currently the order is in effect but the ban may not be imposed on any person having a “bona fide relationship with a person or entity” in the United States.  The Supreme Court will hear this issue in full in the upcoming term.  The best outcome for this executive order would be a flat denial of the order.  Targeting countries based on religious tendencies does nothing to bridge difference in a world of ignorance.  We as the prominent country in the world should seek to set a different example where the United States is viewed as a country striving to bring people of all walks of life together rather than viciously separating those who we find to be different.


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