Winter Writing Competition


Widener Commonwealth Law School students can gain membership through participating in one of the following writing competitions offered:

1)  Closed Writing Competition – Participants will be responsible for drafting a law review note based on the fact pattern and research provided.  Timely submissions must include the set of assigned bluebook problems. This competition is timed and must be submitted through TWEN, by 5pm, three weeks from the date of download.  Participants can begin the competition anytime during the submission period, but you must begin no later than three weeks before the final submission date.

2)  Superior Authorship Competition – Participants may submit a scholarly work of at least fifteen (15) pages to participate in this competition.  The paper must have been written on a legal topic or with a legal theme, but does not have to focus on a topic related to economics or race.  Participants may use a paper previously submitted for a Widener Law class, so long as it meets all requirements described in the competition instructions available through TWEN.  Timely submissions must include the set of assigned bluebook problems and must be submitted through TWEN by 5pm on the final day of the competition.